Our Mission

To create functional, yet stylish, products that will make your life easier.

Entrepreneurs To The Core

INSP!RED Product Development Group was started by a father-daughter team that loves to create. Ron is a retired IBM engineer who has never stopped tinkering and developing new products. In fact, he has more than 150 patents under his belt. His daughter Shari is a designer who has a knack for style and for knowing the consumer. She also has a few patents of her own. Together they create functional and stylish products that you will love.

How The INSP!RATION Started...


Shari Hammond can hardly remember a time when her father wasn't inventing something. By the time she was 6, her father, Ron Hunt, had started woodworking and her mom, Phyllis, would paint his pieces. They had a wood crafts kiosk in the malls for years.

Hunt's Woodcrafts was a hit, and the success brought more and more ideas to the table. 


After decades working at IBM in Austin, Ron Hunt took an early retirement in the late 1990s and with a buddy started Discgear, a CD storage system that worked like a Rolodex


Then came Perfect Petzzz, which were stuffed animals that looked like they breathed.


Hunt later formed a partnership with Ronco, focusing on kitchen appliances. By the time Hammond was 18, she was working alongside her father helping Discgear with office management. She later went with him to Ronco, where she was the creative director designing packaging. 


Now Shari and Ron are business partners. In 2017, they launched INSP!RED Product Development Group and have developed the Cabinet Caddy spice rack, the Go Hang It! picture frame hanging system, and have several new products in the works.